Friday, May 01, 2009

STILL Waiting

Sorry y'all!

The photos are really, really cute, though! I promise as soon as I can, I'll upload them. =)

While we're waiting - Bree started on a new antibiotic for her ear infection. Amoxicilin doesn't really seem to be working for my girls' ears! Bree also got put on what I'm calling the Paula Deen diet (lots of butter!), to put some weight on her. She's in the 75th percentile for height but less than the 25th for weight. When we go back for her next well baby, we'll see if all these extra calories have helped. She definitely eats enough! Today on our way to play at the spraypark, she had half of Carly's grilled cheese sandwich, and then once we got there she had almost an entire cup of 'monkey cheese' and a big cup of juice and water.

In a few minutes, we're heading off to Carly's t-ball practice! It's one of our favorite things to do. Carly loves seeing her t-ball friends and it's just so funny to watch! Tomorrow we have team photos - I can hardly believe that my baby is going to have her first sports photo!

Paul and I are still deciding which larger vehicle we're going to pick - lately we've been seeing Acadias everywhere and they are super cute! So we'll see! He's going to be flying solo on my actual birthday since I'll be up at Fort Polk working at a conference as part of my fellowship. I think it would be too much to expect to have my new car waiting for me when I came home - I'll just be happy if we have the same number of children as we started with and the house is still standing. =)

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