Saturday, April 04, 2009

Friday Stuff

Carly and The Giant. Thanks to MomMom and PopPop for the fun polka dot dress! Bree got the matching little jumper today and Carly's super excited about it!
Bye-bye to Mom Hair!
Carly wanted to see "alla da teef."
We had to switch out Carly glove for a left-handed one, and since our errand was much shorter than we thought, Carly and Paul had some time to throw the ball around before practice started. These little pants just kill me. I love them.
Taking a break from T-Ball to hang around on the playground.
While Carly wasn't paying attention, so Bree chomped on her glove.
During practice! Carly and Camden were on the pitcher's took Carly most of the time to figure out that she can still run for the ball if other kids are running for it, too. And Camden throws like a highschooler. It's amazing.
Bree trying to chomp the camera.


Sarah said...

Love your hair Liz, so cute!

And OMG, Carly is getting so big. I love that she gets to play T-ball this year. Out here Ashley had to wait one more year.

I changed our blog address. Here is the new link.

Sarah C.

Nadee said...

You look really great! Love the photos =)

Kalyn said...

My Zzzzz..... you are so pretty.

Just had to tell you that!

Erin said...

I can't remember if I already commented on this picture when I saw it on facebook or if I just thought it, but I love your new haircut! So cute!!