Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thunderstorms, Drips and Sitting, Oh My!

Last night we had a big thunderstorm made traffic awful this morning, but it was great watering for all of our new plants that I'm going to try not to kill!

Around 1 or 2 in the morning, it was really getting cranked up and Carly appeared in my room telling me that there were "some dogs woofin'" in her room and they scared her. Then we got a BIG clap of thunder that shook the windows and Carly hit the deck and started yelling, "The dogs are woofin' in here, TOO!" It would have been funny if she weren't so scared and it weren't the middle of the night. She's never really been afraid of thunder before, so I let her stay with me. All the way to school this morning - it took twice as long as usual because of the crews removing tree limbs from the roads, and none of the lights worked on our route to school - she kept talking about those woofin' dogs and all the "drips" falling out of the trees. She wanted to know if the trees were sad, and when I told her that the rain drops come from clouds, she figured the clouds were sad. Pecause they were in timeout. And they were in timeout pecause "they didn't listen to they mommies and they lost all of their prillilligestes."

I know I promised photos of Bree's newest baby trick, but she's "napping" (aka kicking and yelling at me for putting her in her crib when she can't keep her eyes open), so maybe this afternoon when we're going stir crazy from the "drippy" weather.

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