Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Giant

Lately Carly likes to pretend like she's living in a fairy tale. Like, she'll let us all know that she's Cinderella and I can be the fairy godmother and Paul can be the prince. Bree usually ends up being a mouse, poor baby, but she probably doesn't care becaus she's usually in bed by that time. So a couple of days ago, Carly decided that we were going to be Jack and the Beanstalk. I'm Jack. She's the mudder...sometimes we switch. But Paul is ALWAYS the giant, which might have something to do with how tall he is, or it might be because he has a great "fe-fi-fo-FUM" and a good stomp.
**** stuck. Now Carly calls him "The Giant" whenever she talks about him. It was so funny today on the way home, she was like, "Hey, where's The Giant?" "What's The Giant doing?" "Is The Giant going to be home when I go to sleep?" It was so great! I hope she keeps it up - it's too funny!
This is what The Giant was doing last night instead of helping me set up my new (to me) phone. It was Bracketology Wednesday, the only technology allowed was that used in the preparation of March Madness (ie The Greatest Time Of The Year) brackets. =)


Kalyn said...


He is tall to us.... imagine how tall he is to her!!!!! :) Scrap that story! It's great!!!

Brandi said...

He looks very focused...apparently this is serious business

McCoyFamily said...

Go Duke!!!