Saturday, February 14, 2009

V-Day E-Party

So...the girls and I decided to host a Valentine's Day party for all of our friends...then we remembered that most of our friends live really far away, so we evited them to come party with us anyway, by sending us photos of their Valentine's Day and we'd post them all here. Here are the five photos we got (with one on the way)...and it was really fun to see what some of our friends were doing across the country - and around the world! - this V-Day.
Here are the Walter boys all the way from Okinawa. They made red velvet cakies AND berry cobbler! Yum! What a great job, guys!
Then, THESE beatiful cupcakes - they almost look too good to eat, don't they? - come to us from the Reynolds family in freezing Iowa. Look how pretty!
And a sweet message from our Foster friends in sunny Socal...
And here's another kiddo! This is Ryan in windy North Cali, making pink Rice Krispies Treats with his Grandma. Ryan's going to be a big brother soon! We're all so excited!
And finally, from our sweet Texas friends, the Dantzlers! Amy "got her girlie on" for Valentine's Day with this sweet pink and brown table set for her two favorite guys (and for us, of course!).
We loooove you! We hope everyone had a lovely Valentine's Day!


McCoyFamily said...

Where's mine!

Kalyn said...

AHHHHH..... I forgot to send mine in!!!! THey are on their way!!!!!

Maria said...

I would have sent pics but a) I didn't take any yesterday and b) well you know how far behind I am with the ones I have taken, did you really think I'd be able to send any on time?!

brooke2916 said...

Oh, we need to send you our pics! I'll work on that today!