Friday, February 13, 2009

Sunny Day Playdate, Part 2

I could clip it down...but why would I???
Sweet baby!
These faces KILL me! And she means it, too! Hilarious!

Carly and Edwin were sad about losing their frisbee over the fence.
Then Carly got an owie...can you see the purple dot on the bridge of her nose? (It's okay if you can't see's very light)
Then she got ANOTHER one...but it was okay after a while. We really did have a great time running around in the sunshine.
Haha...I didn't mean to post this. This is what happened when I was holding Carly and we were chasing lizards. I fell backward off the porch - it was pretty scary but we weren't hurt at all! Just very, very graceful. Carly DID get to touch a lizard, though! =)
Taking a break after our tumble..sweet girl.


Cool said...

Hi is Anamaria from the group, Very nice pictures it was nice meeting you! Also, can I add you to my blog list.

mistika said...

Upps I put it with the groups address what a dork. This is Anamaria again. Let me know if I can add you -- my blog is

Grammy said...

Shorts and short sleeves? Oh, no you dih unt!