Friday, February 27, 2009

Fun Friday!

Bree rode in a swing for the very first time and LOVED it!!! We ordered her Robeez yesterday and I'm excited because my sweet baby will look like someone is taking care of her! Haha =)
Carly did such a good job of pushing gently!
I have no idea what this boy's name is, but he made a beeline for Carly as soon as he got to the park and they were friends right away.
Then when the other families from our playgroup arrived, Carly re-met Jackson who is her age. That little heartbreaker - look at him asking for some of the Jelly-Oh-Oh-Oh that Carly got from Miss Kim.
Funny! She was saying "I AM RUBY! I AM RUBY!" until I had Carly say, "I'm Carly" then both girls said "Nice to meet you!" and shared some more Jelly-Oh-Oh-Oh.
Lunch at Jason's Deli. For anyone who cares, they now carry organic apples and carrots as sides for kids' meals. Hooray!
Carly's hair is looking sort of stringy, so I think I'm going to have it all cut off to maybe ear-length. As long as she can still have her bows! She might be sort of sad that she can't have brains (braids) with shorter hair, but not dealing with the tangles when we get home just might be worth it!


Amanda said...

I think his name is Patrick. LOL! He befriended Katherine and I after everyone left. I thinkt that's the same kid.

Jazmin said...

your daughters are so beautiful!

Judy said...

OMG-Bree looks like she's 1 in the first picture. What a little natural on the swing and her smile is priceless. Carly is such a sweet big sis.