Tuesday, January 27, 2009

We Heart Picnics

We thought we were going to meet up with some friends at the Bluebonnet Swamp, but I guess we missed them. Maybe next time! The temperature was so nice today, we had a great time just hanging out watching turtles practice their backflips off a log in the pond.
Bree and I spent almost all of our mornin outside. We walked/ran the lakes twice...well, I walked it and sort of ran it...Bree slept it. She wasn't quite so excited to find that I wasn't going to let her out right away.
Carly took this photo - she wanted you to see the half a panini that was intended for Mama and ended up being for Carly. =)
She's all about the pink bubbly juice.
And this crab! Funny - if you're from BR, do an experiment. Take a Whole Foods bag into Fresh Market and see if you get a free treat from the bulk bins for the kiddos. This is the THIRD time it's happened for us. We don't get anything if we don't have the WF bag. =)
Haha...she gets so happy when you undo the buckles.
Now, PICK ME UP!!! I'll even help you by archin all the way out of the seat!
Enjoying strawberries
Silly girl - she was such a filthy mess today.


Gloria said...

Oh how I wish we could go on a picnic. But it is 14 degrees and snowing today. Come on spring! BTW...love, love, love Carly's dress.

ADB said...

it's FREEZING in TX!!! how i long for nice spring weather...but hey maybe i'll luck out and atleast get a snow day tmrw!

GG said...

Elizabeth, that picture of Carly's of the panini looks like it just came off of foodporndaily.com
Check it out!
Love, Granny

Kalyn said...

How do you just not fall in love, over and over and over with those girls. They are just so beautiful!!!
MISS YOU!!!!!!