Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hi! =)

My name is Bree and I am five months old!
This has been a BIG month for me, but I'm still a happy baby! (Sorry - that's drool, not a tooth. Check back with me later!)
I still make gangsta arms. Mommy thinks it's so funny!
After I figured out how to flip over, I started up with my opera practice again. I'm LOUD!
Haha...and I'm expanding my repertoire of funny faces.
Ooh! Because I'm eating (butternut squash, carrots, bananas, green beans, cereal), I get baths all the time. I've graduated from the sling and I now enjoy trying to kick my soap out of the tub.
Hair in my eyes! I love Carly but those bangs! Hair in my eyes!!!
Oh man. Have y'all heard of feet? If you don't have a set, you need to get some. They are fascinating!
So are camera cords. I'm going to figure this thing out.
As you'll see in the longish video below, I'm moving closer to crawling...movement is the name of the game this month! I'm SO over snuggling, that is SO six weeks ago. It's time to get movin' y'all!


Kim said...

OMG! She is getting SO BIG! She is JUST PRECIOUS! Love me some baby girls!

brooke2916 said...

OMG! Look at her go!! She is way further advanced than Mason... he can roll over, but not like this! And when he's doing tummy time, he just kinda sits there contemplating eating the carpet! Great job Bree!

Steph said...

geez - she is ADORABLE!!!

Mo Fabulous said...

Those. cheeks. kill. me! Oh so cute!

Brandi said...

In some pictures she totally looks like Carly and then in other pictures not at all...interesting. Obviously they are both cute :)

McCoyFamily said...

It really is amazing how much Bree looks like Carly. She is so cute I wish I could hold her when are u moving back:)

S+S Kline said...

Wow, these pics are adorable!!! Bree is beautiful! Isn't it amazing how fast they grow and change?

ADB said...

bree ur getting so big! beeda can't wait to come and give you lots of hugs and kisses!!