Monday, January 05, 2009

Great To Visit!

She says, "We're going on the boat?! To NORLEANS?!?"
She was very bacited.
So was Bree (Bree's hair was pretty excited, too!)
And SO WAS AUNTIE K!!! Hooray for Norleans!!!
We didn't know the Sugar Bowl was that day, but it was okay. Everyone was really nice and there were tons of street vendors and performers around.
Something happened to Carly on the boat, she just turned and she had a really hard day.
You MUST watch this. Listen for what the singer says after Katherine gives them the tip. So cute!

Then when we went around the corner...see those two guys in the background? The first guy stopped to stare and the second guy (the one with his mouth hanging open!) ran RIGHT into him. So funny!
We walked ALL the way to Mulate's for lunch - and Carly had alligator!
This is how Auntie K encouraged her to try it. =)
Then Carly finally got her trolley ride up St. Charles.
And Bree slept. =)


Steph said...

your sister is a little hottie, huh?! i'm sure she is having a BLAST in college!! so fun! :)

the last picture of bree sleeping cracks me up. :)

Our Family of Four said...

Aw cute little sweetpea sleeping. Don't ya just love the stage where they just sleep on the go.

Looks like a fun time!