Sunday, December 21, 2008

Our Day

Carly made pink pancakes today! The recipe calls for about 1/4 cup of beet puree, but I put the whole bag in. Carly had a great time helping - really the only reason we even use the Deceptively Delicious recipes is because they're tasty...and because it makes it easier on me to get all the good stuff into one dish. She asked me why it was pink and I told her there were beets in it and she says, "Ohhhh! I like beets!"
Truly, though, if you're going to use a cup of will probably want to use plenty of zerk (syrup) unless you like the taste of beet-y pancakes. =)
HA! She looooves cereal. I haven't gotten a picture of her chowing down on her carrots at night, but she's a super eater.
And if Daddy is too slow with the spoon, or gets distracted cleaning some of the messy off of her face...
...she'll just eat the washcloth! (Before anyone gets all frantic about the Bumbo on the table, please know that there is always a mommy hand or a daddy hand on the seat! She's too short for the highchair just yet.)
After her nap - what a pretty girl.
Carly on her way to play soccer with Daddy this afternoon! They went to the BREC soccer complex down the road from our house and Carly got to work on kicking the ball into the net. And this is my favorite shirt! It makes me so happy. =)
Then, on our way out to see some Christmas lights - since there are about five houses with lights in our neighborhood and that's it! - Carly comes out and says to us: "Look! I can do the clips because I'm free years old! I can do them all by myself!"
We think it's pretty cool. =)


Emily said...

That shirt makes me happy too! And I am loving Carly in her yellow headband. :)

Hope y'all are having a merry, merry Christmas!trift

ADB said...

love the shirt, too! carly when can you come to TX to do beeda's hair?

Steph said...

good lord - you have stinkin' CUTE kids!!!

The Warren Family said...

Gosh you have such beautiful girls!!!!! Bree is such a gorgeous baby!!!!!

Jess said...

Lynn bought me Deceptively Delicious. I love it. The recipes really are good and no one has to be the wiser if you choose not to mention any of the 'deceptive' ingredients.
I think Carly's hair was just about perfect :)