Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Ice Skating!!!

So pretty! At lunch at Superior Grill...Carly made some new friends and told everyone Merry Christmas. =)
While we enjoyed our tortilla soup and "quesdadibbas," Bree enjoyed her fish and her bunny blanket.
See the fish on the table? Bree does!
Watching Carly ice skate...hanging out with Mommy.
Sweet Bree! She's looking so grown up now!
Starting out...whooooaaa. Haha...Poor Auntie K's biceps. She can't lift her arms above her head this morning!
Having such a good time!
It took them about ten minutes to make each lap, but by the end of the 90-minute session, Carly was comfortable going a few feet all by herself! It was amazing how quickly she picked it up! Now she's trying to talk my dad into taking her another time!
Hahaha...those little plaid legs. =)
My beautiful baby sister and my sweet baby girl. I was so proud of Carly!
If you have time for a couple of videos - they're short! This one is when Carly FIRST hit the ice.

And then this is going around the fourth time!


Erin said...

How great to see your sister with Carly! What a special time for Carly. And what a little skater she is--she's a quick learner!

I LOVE Carly's and Bree's Christmas outfits. I've said that before in comments (I think--at least I've thought it), but I just wanted to say it again! And Bree is getting so big and beautiful. I hope you have a wonderful, wonderful Christmas with your family!!!

ADB said...

how much fun!! i love ice skating and hope to go while i'm off for the break. way to go carly!

The Warren Family said...

It's been officially decided that the Bonnins are just beautiful people!!

Seriously. ;)

McCoyFamily said...

Wow how cool!!! Carly did so well!