Saturday, November 08, 2008

Game Day

We dopped off Daddy and his friends Mr. Kevin and Mr. 'Sleeve' at the football game - they're going to be tailgating there today before heading back down to New Orleans for th Hornets game tonight...the guys were a LITTLE squished!
Sweet sisters chatting in the parking lot of the zoo.
Once inside, we stopped to smell (each of the) flowers.
Then we stopped to play Flat Larry with some huge leaves.
Then we stopped to pick up treasures (acorns)...I wasn't in a rush at all, and Carly l-o-v-e-d going at her own (snail's) pace. It took us two hours to make the one outside loop, but it's okay; the weather is perfect today, so going so excrutiatingly (10 pts for that - haha) slow was not so bad....except Bree can't fall asleep under 4mph...poor baby has not slept all day.
At...the....speed of....C a r l y....


ADB said...

i love the pic of carly and bree talking-too cute!

carly's speed reminds me of a story with my kiddos at day in the hallway i asked my kids why they were running instead of walking and they said ms. bailey we are just trying to keep up with you...this make me laugh and smile...i sometimes forget that i'm a speed walker and their little legs just can't keep up!

Daniel said...

Haven't you ever just felt like going slow?