Monday, November 10, 2008


My name is Bree and I am THREE MONTHS OLD today!!!

I have completely stolen Daddy and Mommy's hearts and I'm much happier now that I'm getting enough sleep during the day. Mommy walks four miles in the mornings which gives me a nice looong morning nap and makes for one happy baby!

Right now, my big job is chewing on my fist. I'm determined to find my thumb, but if I don't ever find it, it's no big deal...knuckles are AWESOME. And, Mommy's bed is the third most comfortable place in the whole world. I love it.

Really, I don't have much time for anything else other than chewing on my fist and being mad about tummy time. I still don't like it, but after sneaking and watching Ella's rolling-over video over and over again, I think I've got it. But first, the fist.

My feet! Mommy thinks they are just too cute, and I love to kick. If there is anything at all touching my feet, I'll have a blast kicking and kicking.

Whoa - what is this???

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Kalyn said...

... I know it's not all about me... but are you seriously TRYING to break my heart??? I miss her sooooo much! I want to squeeze her, nicely!