Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bluebonnet Swamp - the Daytime Version

It was supposed to rain today, but when it didn't rain, we decided to have a little adventure and go walk in the woods before naptime. We will be spending lots of time here, I think. It's so pretty and so close! (Minnie Mouse is Carly's now, but it's okay because Bree doesn't mind...yet.)
I love this photo and I don't know why. =)
Carly was obsessed with these...I don't know what they are, but they're all over the place out there.
Chasing lizards!!!
But WHY do we have to go back to the car?
PS: Bree was actually with us and she loved being outside as usual and was cracking up at the breeze, but I didn't get any decent photos of her, sorry!


Kalyn said...

I like that photo too. It's visually pleasing. Good Job Mama's :) I like the last photo too. Her expression is hilarious! Such a true Carly face! :)

Grammy said...

Are those cyprus knees? If there are or were cyprus trees around and the land is somewhat swampy, the trees put up "knees" in order to keep from drowning. Really!

Morgan said...

I'm pretty sure those things are Cypress Knees.

What a gorgeous place!